Monday, April 23, 2007

PBwiki and Grrr towards G-mail

Apparently we can now get more free space from PBwiki if we post information about it on our blogs, so here goes nothing:

It also spices up the blog a bit, n'est-ce pas? Basically, this is a wiki I created as part of a project on capital punishment for my Humanities and Social Science Reference class. Our group created a whole page of resources to go with UNC's Summer Reading program, at Feel free to check it out, but it's not a happy topic.

The "Grrr" directed at G-mail has to do with SLOOOOOOW service today. I thought it might be my browser/computer, but both Safari and Firefox have given me trouble, on this and on another computer. I hope it's solved soon--I didn't realize how deeply I rely on Gmail!

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