Monday, January 25, 2010

Advanced Twitter

I am hoping to teach a workshop on using Twitter later this semester--which means I need to learn more about Twitter myself (my ulterior motive!).

I have a Twitter account and I have TwitterFox installed on the computer I use most at work so I can see pop-up updates throughout the evening. We just got a new computer at home, and I will be using Safari there (my husband and I have learned that one thing we can not share amicably is a web browser--I don't like that he never signs out of e-mail and he doesn't like my bookmarks!), so I will find a plug-in to install with Safari. I know how to tweet in the technical sense, although I certainly don't have the art of tweeting effectively down. I also tweet rarely, so I linked my GoodReads account up to make automatic updates when I review books.

I know how to find and follow people, and I've done a few trials with looking up a topic and reading tweets on it.

Here are some facets of Twitter that I'd love advice on, if you have it:
  • Lists--I have not explored these at all.
  • The art of tweeting--I've seen some tips on this that I will rely on, but feel free to give me more!
  • Monitoring Twitter in a way that's useful to you.
  • Using all those mobile/texting options. This is one area where I am sure to be behind the times for awhile--I don't think our (family) cell phone has a texting plan, and I'm too cheap to invest in one, especially since I don't see using it a lot except to play around with!
Your own experiences or great resources you've come across are all welcome!


Ellen said...

I'm a great fan of TweetDeck for monitoring Twitter, especially if you have lots of folks you follow.

Also, here's my presentation last week at the Educause conference on the twitter experiment I did with a class last semester:

Libby said...

Thanks so much, Ellen! I'll look into TweetDeck, and I'll definitely look at your presentation.