Thursday, September 27, 2007

Termination Checklist (for Management)

Before Termination Decision:
1.) If for unsatisfactory job performance, ensure that the employee has received the following performance warnings (and there is a record in the employee's file)
-3 verbal warnings (including at least one in-depth meeting to discuss problem)
-Written employee improvement plan
-Written notice of failure to meet specified goals, with timeline in which they must be met
2.) If for misconduct, ensure that the employee has received the following warnings (and there is a record in the employee's file)
-3 verbal warnings and a written warning with behavior-change due date if for minor misconduct
-unacceptable conduct letter/suspension notice if for major misconduct
3.) Meet with Human Resources to show evidence of termination cause, and arrange for an HR representative to attend the actual termination meeting.

Before Termination Meeting:
1.) Obtain employee's final paycheck, termination notice, and explanation of separation packet from HR.
2.) Schedule termination meeting on a Monday or Tuesday morning.

During Termination Meeting:
1.) Request that employee come to your office, make sure to close door.
2.) Explain, succinctly, the decision to terminate, reason(s) for termination, and next steps to the employee. Make sure to emphasize that the decision is final. Advise them of what will be said if GCPL is called for a reference (position and dates of employment only).
3.) Allow employee to respond, ask questions--do not allow employee to draw out an argument or plea to keep job.
4.) Offer the employee the option to complete an exit interview at the present time (you will leave the office for this) or to come to Headquarters at a date later in the week.
5.) Have employee sign necessary forms--answer any questions they may have about the forms.
6.) Request employee's keys and nametag, advise them that their e-mail account will be cancelled at the end of the day. Allow them to forward e-mails in their work account to their personal account (supervised).
7.) Step out for exit interview if employee chooses this option.
8.) Wish former employee the best of luck. Give him or her time to clean out locker and mailbox and to say good-bye to co-workers, if desired.

After Termination Meeting:
1.) Hand-deliver employee's file to HR, making sure all the termination forms are properly filled out and signed.
2.) Meet with assistant branch manager and librarians (librarian I position) to explain the situation, have them give the explanation to the rest of the staff.
3.) Answer staff questions without providing specifics into the performance problem or misconduct incident.
4.) Determine whether the position will be replaced, if so meet with HR to fill out position request forms.
5.) Report any unauthorized or unusual returns to the building of the former employee to HR and, if safety seems threatened, the local police.

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