Monday, November 29, 2010

Maternity Leave Lessons

My maternity leave comes to an end tomorrow, so I just want to share a few of the things I learned:
  • How to darn a sock.
  • How to hide collard greens in a variety of dishes: lasagna, tacos, stir-fry. For Thanksgiving, Mark actually learned how to cook them in such a way that they are palatable on their own, but I think I'll need another spring/summer of CSA produce before I can say I've learned to "like" collards.
  • How to make gnocchi.
  • Baking really is worth the time invested.
  • The only way not to burn the bottoms of cookies in my oven is to put the top rack on the VERY top and bake them there.
  • My house is never going to be completely clean. I still have to keep trying, but I need to accept this fact.
  • Doing one or two loads of laundry every couple of days is more likely to keep the laundry mountain at bay than trying to do it all once a week. This also keeps bibs with baby food from developing mildew.
  • Washing diapers twice a week is better because you can talk yourself out of washing the covers by hand more often.
  • Every baby is different.
  • If your first child sleeps like a champ, don't expect the same with the second child!
  • The Durham County Public Library is awesome. So is the Durham Life and Science Museum and the free indoor playground at Southpoint Mall.
  • Checking out a book you didn't plan on is just as satisfying as buying a book you didn't plan to, and a lot cheaper!
  • Staying home with my kids is super fun and should be taken advantage of whenever possible!

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Katie said...

Hey, Libby. Thanks for the comment! M. and I looked at your Goodreads list last night - you have good taste! I am also in the process of reading the Alice books, and I love The Hunger Games, too. I'm adding your blog to my Google Reader right now. :-)